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Dalil Maschino, Ph. D., Quebec Department of Labour

10 avril 2008

Biography :

Dr. Maschino has been involved as a researcher, a coordinator and a Department representative in many projects, initiatives and labor-management-government committees dealing with the innovative practices in work organization and labour relations. From 1995 to 1999, he was working with the Secretariat of the North American Commission of Labour Cooperation. There he has led a study on “standard” and “advanced” practices in the garment industry in Canada, Mexico and United States. Dr. Dalil Maschino is currently the director of a network that the Quebec Department of Labour is currently promoting to foster the exchange of knowledge and the diffusion of information between researchers and practitioners involved in the implementation of innovative practices in the fields of work organization and labour relations. Dr. Maschino has published several articles on the transformations of the socio-technical processes and of labor-management relationships in companies that are adapting to increased globalization and technological change. He holds a PhD. in Economics from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

Expertise :

 Work Organization
 Labor relations

References :

 Maschino, Dalil, co-author with Richard Monique. « La complémentarité des services en relations du travail dans un contexte de changements organisationnels » in Nouvelles dynamiques des relations du travail (Département des relations industrielles de l’Université de Laval, 2007).

 Maschino, Dalil. Standard and Advanced Practices in the North American Garment Industry.( Secretariat of the Commission for Labor Cooperation, North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation, 2000)

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