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Armand Pereira, Representative of the ILO to the Multilateral organizations.

10 April 2008


Armand F. Pereira is the Representative of the International Labour Organization to the multilateral organizations based in Washington, D.C., and Director of the Washington Office. Mr. Pereira has been with the ILO since January 1982. Prior to his current post, he was Director of the ILO Office in Brasilia between January 1998 and May 2005, where he led it through a nearly twentyfold increase in its technical cooperation project funds in a variety of ILO themes: employment, training and skills certification; forced labor and child labor; occupational safety and health; workplace equality and diversity; advisory services to Corporate Social Responsibility principles; and prevention of HIV-AIDS in the workplace (He served as Chair of the UN Theme Group on HIV-AIDS in 2004–2005). Armand has also promoted national dialogue on the linkages between employment creation and poverty reduction, raising awareness of the need to seek greater integration between the Millennium Development Declaration and the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda.


 international economy

References :

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