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Adelle Blackett (2002), "The International Law of Trade : Mapping the Equilibrium Line : Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the Interpretive Universe of the World Trade Organization", Saskatewan Law Review v. 65 no369.

22 janvier 2002

par Michèle Rioux

This article considers the importance of the shift within the WTO framework toward recognizing the relevance of public international law to the normative universe of the WTO, and the WTO’s own potential contribution to the development of public international decision making. The author discusses the need for context-sensitive decision making and respect for the carefully crafted hierarchy of international norms within the WTO. The article focuses on the emerging consensus on certain fundamental human rights principles within the workplace context. The author considers the varying shades of international commitments taken by WTO members, and posits that the WTO Dispute Settlement Body needs to take them into account when seeking to give meaning to its treaty provisions. Finally, the author considers how a deferential, case-by-case approach that is sensitive to - but not unduly restricted by - the (emerging) hierarchy of international norms provides a way to ensure that internationally-agreed balances are respected.

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