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This project is funded by the Labour Program of the Government of Canada.

"Humanizing trade" through trade agreements ?

7 mars 2008, par Gouvernance Globale du Travail (GGT)

GLG Project sponsors an on-line discussion on how governments can and
should use trade agreements to promote labour rights abroad, while
maintaining standards at home. We invite you now to participate in the

- Are trade agreements an effective tool to promote labor rights ?

- Are the many approaches to trade agreements sending confusing
signals to developing country policymakers about how to promote labour
rights and which labour rights are important ?

- Do we need to find a uniform approach ? Is such a uniform approach
possible, given the unique political circumstances of each country and
constraints that limit international cooperation in this domain ?

Susan Ariel Aaronson (George Washington University) and Michèle Rioux
(Université du Québec à Montréal), the moderators of this debate, look
forward to your comments.

To answer these questions and participate in the debate, use the link below. To comment on a partcipant answer, use the "Reply to this message" link located at the bottom of his answer.

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